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الشركة الكويتية اليابانية لتكنولوجيا الانظمة


About Us


  • ●      National Alhamama Company Established in Kuwait year 2000. The competence of public trade and contracting.
    ●     The company worked on a number of commercial activities within the State of Kuwait and trade between the Gulf States and Iraq.
    ●     IRAS Company Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    ●     The administrative team of the company and its branches of 57 employees distributed in all competencies.
    ●     The company's activity was expanded by establishing branches in the field of commercial transport and land freight.
    ●     The company signed the waste of commercial cooperation in the field of logistics services between Kuwait and Iraq.
    ●     The company in Kuwait agreed with the most specialized expertise offices for study and marketing plan for all your company's products covered by the agency.
    ●     A later book will be sent to your company that includes all technical, financial and legal questions related to the products covered by the agency.
    ●     The company is currently establishing a special department and selecting a team of employees who have the appropriate scientific and practical expertise to manage the agency's work.
    ●     The capital of the company when the establishment is paid at the registration of 50000 Kuwaiti Dinars.10_Ras working money for the company and its branches $ 2 million.
    ●     The trade name of the company has been replaced from the Alhamama national co To the Kuwait Japanese Systems Technology Co.


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